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Please. Matthew Goode Leap year.

And THAT, children, is how babies are made.

Visiting Friends...

Visiting Friends... - 9GAG

Best thing ever.

reddit: the front page of the internet

I think every teacher needs one of these. Very constructive.

laughed way too hard at this

Mister Po... - The Meta Picture

Perfect...oh this is great!!

Mega Funny Friday Picture Dump! - 110 Pics

so true

Every time I watch this scene in The Land Before Time…

Make your own Miley Cyrus ornament!

This Is The Miley Cyrus Tree Ornament Add-On You Want And Need

Made me laugh out loud!

Wir maSchen was wir wollen.. Stitch and Bitch Linz

21 Michelle Tanner Quotes! ♥

21 Michelle Tanner Quotes We Can All Relate To…

True story. I can not lie. - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

Chuck's Fun Page 2: January 2013

Wherever this is, I wanna go there.

The best acceptance letter ever…

Okay, when I first saw this it made me sad. Then I read the caption xD

That's not very much....

lucky penny | ...look, you found one. pick it up!

Damn straight. This is the Lauren Conrad quote of badassness

girl-thing-0 : theBERRY