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Fun idea for a baby shower game.

Put a Glow stick in a balloon before you blow it up. Perfect for night parties.

great picture inspration website! Love the over-exposed one with the green bridesmaids, their parasols, and the yellow maid of honor.

Who is up first in the morning? Who takes longer to get ready? Who appologizes first after an argument? Who said "i love you" first? Who mentioned marriage first? Who makes all the decisions? Who is the messiest? Who wears the pants in the relationship? Who is more into their looks? Who spends more money? Who likes to shop more? Who has the bigger wardrobe? Who is grumpier in the morning? Who does most of the cooking? Who is the better driver? Who cleans more? Who gave wh...

@Katie Smith Countdown sign for a bridal shower. Such a cute idea

So, my (cheap, rational) heart of hearts led me to Home Depot to create a stand for our DIY faux-to booth backdrop. I had searched online for tutorials, but could only find extremely complicated versions involving power tools (and I preferred to keep all of my phalanges attached). Thus, we developed our own method which 1) ended up working out quite well 2) was cheap and 3) was easy to build.

Wedding ceremony basics: this is great if you don't have a planner

Bachelorette Party Games -- Here are some of our favorites, ranging from “We can play this with Grandma!” to “I’ll kill you if you put these pictures on Facebook.”