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Adorable Free Fonts for Summer! @ ellaclaireinspired ~~ {16 free fonts w/ easy download links} ~~

Instructions: read 1 reason a day for the time that i'm away❤️❤️❤️ made by me

Jar filled with 150 reasons why i love him❤️❤️ made by me

This is so randomly awesome!

Crayon heart wall art - made this for my little girl, easy to make, just arrange in a heart and melt crayons with a blow dryer (there will be lots of splatter fyi).. add a picture in the middle to use it as a frame

Hula Hoop Chandelier. Made with a hula hoop, some lace, and icicle xmas lights.

Small mirror tiles glued to fishing line with lights behind it. Clever!

diy giant balloon heart... love!

Glue fake flowers to the bottom of a tall vase (or to stones you could drop in), fill with water, and top with a floating candle. Gorgeous and you could use any color to fit the room you put it in :)

Beautiful Girls Party - lots of cute ideas in flower shapes. Wish I had the recipes for some of those yummies!

Martha's Paper-Plate Angel: Trace a paper angel shape onto a plate with a fluted edge, + cut out with a utility knife. two cuts for wings are different, one made from inside out, other from outside in. Embellish edge of plate with one or two decorative hole punches. With angel facing you, shape her skirt into a circle; slide outside cut over inside one to make wings. Curl some paper around a narrow rod, such as a skewer, + make a name card. Secure it in her hands with a dab from a glue stick.