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Dentistry (AG)

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Brush Teeth

What happens in bruxism? Teeth are worn down, flattened, fractured or chipped, exposing deeper layers of your tooth.


Carved teeth showing the cause for tooth decay.

The nerves [yellow] and blood vessels [blue and red] within the spongy bone of the jaw. The buccal plates are partially removed to show the path of the vessels and nerves into the teeth.


Kids Dental Care Infographic

Fear of the Dentist. #DeltaDental

Sedate Your Dental Phobia [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to floss properly. When you floss, the floss should go in the space between the tooth and the gum of each tooth. In this example, the inside part of the lateral incisor tooth is being flossed. The inside part of the lateral incisor tooth will be next.

Cocaine-induced palatal perforation

The Daily Weird: A New Weird Picture Every Day - Page 17 of 595

AHHHHH!!!! Yes!! Dr. Oz drives me up a friggin' wall!!! He gets dental things wrong SO often!

Did you know that oral health is a good indicator of overall health? Inflammation from gum disease has been linked to other conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Find more oral health facts by reading through this Fairfield Invisalign infographic.

The Benefits of Having Straight Teeth [INFOGRAPHIC]

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SKREENED - Ethical Custom Apparel

Real men marry dental hygienists... Should give this to my future hubby on our wedding day! Haha

The dental hygienist will probe or measure the pockets around each tooth to determine any bone loss- this is done at each dental hygiene appointment and the measurements are recorded on your chart

Periodontal Examination and Probing


Is this tooth abscessed or dancing?

Dentaltown - Where The Dental Community Lives®

Dentist Cupcakes! Of course we would eat these because they are also sugar free (... not really)

Dentist Cupcakes!

Dentist Cake


female dentist figurine, this template is ideally for dentist professionals.

i want this one

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