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Bill of Rights - First Ten Amendments to the US Constitution.

Free Printable Kids Book Report Worksheet

She has a great blog with lots of good ideas for reading/writing noteboooks. Check it out...

FREE: A site where elementary students can go to practice all of the Common Core standards for math and reading. The site is adaptive, so students can move through the standards at their own pace.

Brown Bag Book Club: Students fill out the reader response form. Fill the back with popcorn and divide students into groups to discuss the story. They can snack as they share what they learned.

The Enchanted Forest (4th Grade): Understanding decimal place value may take a little time for young learners. ‘The Enchanted Forest’ gives fourth graders practice identifying place values in the decimal system. Once they’ve mastered this lesson, learning more about decimals will be a lot easier.

cursive handwriting practice lesson - combination letters - lots of worksheets

A wonderful booklist that has biographies and historical fiction books for everyone, young and old! - Beyond the Cover

Simple Schooling Field-Trip Lapbook

Melted crayon to make a pointillism painting.