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Arranjos Florais

Zinnia Arrangement Teeming with an assortment of brightly hued blooms, this lush and festive arrangement makes an ideal centerpiece for a Mexican-style fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. These dramatic, almost explosive colors are sure to make your guests feel as if they're dining on the beaches of Cancun or at the Mazatlan carnival.

A Holiday Arrangement White and red is a classic color combination for the holidays. Here, white roses are held in place by red cranberries used as a flower frog instead of pebbles or marbles; they will hold stems in place for about a week. Use hard cranberries; wash them well before submerging in water. We used white roses for this arrangement, perfect for a holiday centerpiece or a mantel.

Soft Daffodil Arrangement Here, white daffodils are arranged in a simple vase, which showcases the beauty of the flowers with their different-hued centers. Daffodils release a substance harmful to other flowers, so they are best kept to themselves in arrangements.

Baby's Breath Capable of much more than just filling space, baby's breath is actually most impressive on its own. Buy a mass of it or set aside some from other bouquets, and then group it into a soft and blurry cloud, grounding the stems in cleverly concealed blocks of floral foam.

White Flower Arrangements

Monochromatic Carnations Ubiquitous, inexpensive, and long lasting, carnations possess gorgeous petals. Clustering the blooms, plays up the flowers' prettiest feature. How to Make a Dome Soak five blocks of floral foam in water. Line up three in a shallow bowl. Center another on top. Cut last block in half crosswise, placing half on each side of stack. Trim carnation stems to two to three inches, and stick into top block. Continue, from top to bottom, trimming as needed to fill out the dome.

A variety of feminine flowers, including peonies and sweet peas, were used here. Place the focal flowers, such as luscious peonies, in the bouquet first. Work with one variety at a time, concentrating on the large blooms first, easing into the medium-size blooms, and then to the smallest varieties. Shop in monochromatic color stories, only breaking away with an occasional pop of green. Group them in a cluster style so it feels refined, compact, and abundant.

A Perfect Match This Japanese bowl was given to Martha many years ago. "When I received it, I had never seen a yellow, peach, or mauve tree peony, but obviously the painter of the bowl had," says Martha. "Finally my tree peonies matured and now provide blooms of almost the same colors."

Summer Flower Arrangements

Simple Dahlia Arrangement For this elegant centerpiece, we snipped a single dahlia bloom and set it in a pressed-glass sugar bowl. When setting a flower upon the rim of a cup or small bowl, be sure to leave an inch or so of stem attached, so the bloom can continue to drink.

Late-Summer Dahlias A yellowware kitchen bowl of late-summer dahlias would certainly be lovely enough on its own, but adding a contrasting element -- here, wispy asparagus fronds -- make the hot colors and spiky forms even more striking.

Grouped Paperwhites, Roses, and Star-of-Bethlehem This luminous centerpiece is composed of three silver julep cups filled with paperwhites, roses, and star-of-Bethlehem, set atop a cake stand. After the centerpiece has served its purpose, the three elements can be separated and distributed throughout the house; try placing them on nightstands and bathroom shelves.

Pink Lilies Arrangement To create an eye-catching palette of pinks, Martha uses the pale, blushing L. Orientalis 'Broadway'; the bright-fuchsia L. Orientalis 'Stargazer'; the soft-coral L. 'Le Reve'); and the pure-white 'Casablanca.' Keep in mind, however, that several other varieties will produce a similar effect, and with more than one hundred species and thousands of cultivars, you should have plenty of lilies from which to

Bouquet de rosas, lírios amarelos e flor de cenoura

Bouquet de Rosas e Lírios amarelos - Presentes - by Bia Sandoval

Bouquet de flores mix lilás: Bouquet de flores naturais e delicadas,com didisco lilás e alstroemérias e rosas lilás

Bouquet de flores Mix Lilás - Presentes - by Bia Sandoval