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What makes good banh mi? The San Francisco asked me to go on an expedition to figure out the nuances of Viet sandwiches. I hope you'll love the story that they published.

Hunting for Good Banh Mi with SF Chronicle - Viet World Kitchen

Banh mi crostini -- a little tutorial on getting the toast points just right for your banh mi party!

Banh Mi Crostini Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

Little lessons learned from the San Francisco book launch party last night: "Banh Mi Party Tips" Keep these in your back pocket.

Banh Mi Party Tips - Viet World Kitchen

Just one day after the book came out, it made this list released from PBS. A flood of reader interest via questions and shout outs. Other reviews and comments. Click for a round of up initial questions and reviews.

Happy Banh Mi Handbook Pub Day! The book is out. Lots of great things happened today to celebrate the book release. Thanks everyone.

Happy Banh Mi Handbook Pub Day - Viet World Kitchen

The details on The Banh Mi Handbook launch party. It's shaping up to be a fab event. If you can't join us and want to pre-order a signed copy, Omnivore Books can make it happen. Contact the shop at www.omnivorebooks...

What to do with all summer's bounty of basil? Make Thai stir-fried chicken and basil. Easy breezy.

Thai Stir-fried Chicken with Basil Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

Look what's in the July issue of Cooking Light magazine?! Very cool. It's been a great banh mi week. Also, we're celebrating the book release with a July 14 party at Omnivore Books in San Francisco. Details at VWK.

How I turned leftover dread into leftover gold: Make Salmon Tofu Cakes!

Salmon Tofu Cakes Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

My dad's fresh lemongrass tea recipe and other food exploits we've shared over the years. Happy Father's Day!

My Dad’s Fresh Lemongrass Tea Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

Pre-order(ed) "The Banh Mi Handbook"? Ten Speed Press, Red Boat Fish Sauce and I want to give you a gift. More on the book pre-order giveaway on VWK. There's not just 1 winner, but rather 500 to go around. Come and get 'em.

Banh Mi Handbook Pre-Order Giveaway! - Viet World Kitchen

Thai grilled chicken turmeric -- simple to make with a big flavor payoff. No sweet chile sauce needed.

Red cabbage pepper slaw -- quick, easy and bright.

Red Cabbage and Black Pepper Slaw Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

Summer grilling also means it's time to clean the grill. It's not sexy but has to be done. How I removed 2 years of grime and guck...

Grill Cleaning Tips - Viet World Kitchen

Miso Tofu Brownies -- they're fudgy and gluten-free too. Seriously easy to make.

Gluten-Free Miso Tofu Brownies Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

Sharp advice from my knife man, Terry Beech. Lots of money and time are not required for a great edge!

Sharp Advice from a Knife Expert - Viet World Kitchen

Hoisin glazed grilled chicken wings from "The Big Flavor Grill" cookbook delivers.

Hoisin-Glazed Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

Take an advance look inside my new banh mi book coming out July! It's a handsome cutie.

Viet World Kitchen

"Lifelong Cooking Lessons from My Mom" on the blog today. That's me in the lower left with my "I'm having a bad day" look.

Lifelong Cooking Lessons from My Mom - Viet World Kitchen

Praise pork and saturated fat! They aren't as bad for us as we think. A collection of 10 favorite porcine recipes on VWK today. Oink.

10 Recipes to Praise Pork and Saturated Fat - Viet World Kitchen

Indonesian chicken curry with lemongrass and lime leaf. It's not hard to make and keeps well for days.

Indonesian Chicken Curry Recipe (Gulai Ayam) - Viet World Kitchen

Reuse, repurpose, multi-task your way to saving water in the kitchen. Drought-Tolerant Cooking Strategies on the site. Add yours!

Celebrate citrus with this: Vietnamese pomelo salad recipe

Vietnamese Pomelo Salad Recipe - Viet World Kitchen

Sichuan Cold Sesame (or Peanut) Noodles -- a recipe that you can tweak in many directions.