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albino children playing in mosquito netting at a protection camp in Tanzania - National Geographic

Joy amidst suffering: Girls chatter playfully by a small store just outside the gates of the Kabanga Protectorate Center

White light: Yonge, four, closes her eyes against the bright sunlight. Albinism also affects her eyes with light sensitivity and low vision.... she was abandoned by her parents because of her albinism

Lightness Philbert, who doesn't know her age and was abandoned at the centre, nurses a baby who was brought by there by her mother. Albino children in Tanzania are often hunted for their body parts and some are forced to live at secured camps away from their families for their safety

Hangin' out in Lampung - Indonesia

A Himba child. Namibia | ©Dave Stamboulis

little German boy

k-a-t-i-e-: Afghanistan, 1991 Steve McCurry

Flowers: portrait of young Shan tribe boy, undergoing a male rite of passage in northern Thailand by Kenneth Bamberg

Achomawi baby 1910 Native American Indian. Happy papoosed baby.