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Andrew Cotto

Andrew Cotto

I'm the author of THE DOMINO EFFECT and OUTERBOROUGH BLUES: A BROOKLYN MYSTERY as well as many articles for major magazines and a travel blog about a year spent

I didn’t come to Rome looking for love. I got plenty of the good stuff back at home in New York City. There is where most of my closest friends and family reside, along with my beloved wife, daughter and son. It also happens to be the city that is the love of my residential life. So, love in Rome was not on the itinerary. But a funny thing happen

One of the things that eventually becomes obvious to an American urban dweller residing in a European city is the lack of diversity. As a New Yorker in Rome, it’s particularly obvious.

There’s a slight problem with the second installment of my Roman-inspired appropriation of Eat. Pray. Love. I don’t pray. It’s not that I discount spirituality or transcendence or mindfulness. I spend ample energy considering divinity

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