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Winner of Nazi 1935 ‘most beautiful Aryan baby’ contest revealed to be Jewish

Marcus Licinius Crassus (115-53 BCE) was perhaps the richest man in Roman history and in his eventful life he enjoyed both great successes and severe disappointments. A mentor to Julius Caesar in his early career, Crassus would rise to the very top of state affairs but his long search for a military triumph to match his great rival Pompey would, ultimately, bring about his downfall.

Competitive Analysis 4 | Poverty Infographic by Paul Burkhart

Hacking away in the middle of tear gas [May Day demonstrations in Turkey]

Austerity Survival Guide

JFK riding a robot unicorn on the moon, because why not?

Despite making 1.1 billion dollars in 2012, Facebook paid NOTHING in corporate income taxes, and instead actually received 429 million dollars in refunds from the IRS, due largely to its use of the stock option tax loophole. Share/Like this graphic if you think we need to end the corporate tax loopholes that allow Facebook to pay less in income taxes than most individual Americans do!

"I'm concerned that too big to fail has become too big to take to trial." - @SenWarren

Emperor Nicholas II exits his carriage in front of the Boyar Romanov house on Varvarka Street in Moscow. The family’s coat-of-arms can be seen above the entrance. 1913

can you imagine a job without weekends, 40 hr work weeks, overtime, safety regulations, child labor laws, minimum wage, paid leave...? support unions by buying union made to keep this country strong! labor 411 makes it easy to buy union

Time, Edmund Muskie illustration by Dugald Stermer, 1972

If Attack Ads Were Around In 1800: Thomas Jefferson vs. John Adams (using real attacks from the election).

Presidential Campaign Buttons

Newsreel Highlights of John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration, Friday, January 20, 1961