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Draw this only with a pin. Here is the technique – apply one or two coat of the nail polish. Then make some dots with other colors. Then just take a pin and start to make some swirls. That’s all and it comes out different anytime!

The American Flag...Cake Pop Style!

Wrapping paper Bow- love it because i can use up all the scrap pieces that are always left over, and I can still put cute bows on my presents

If abortion is murder, then blowjobs are cannibalism.

  • Emily Cooke

    And I guess I'm just not seeing how being neglected is preferential to abortion. A child that is born and spends the majority of its life in an abusive situation is better off than an aborted fetus? Screw that. There are so many stories of abuse that children suffer in the hands of their parents when the child is aware of what's going on its disgusting. If I had a choice between death and years of abuse if choose death.

  • Veronica Pierce

    Please accept my sincere sympathy in your loss. As you know, I believe life starts at conception so I understand theists of losing a baby. I don't know how anyone who has gone through a miscarriage can support abortion... Yes, it is easier to care for the unborn. But there is adoption. The worst thing you can do to a child, worse than potential abuse or neglect is to kill them. I will share sth very personal with you. When my not yet married mom for pregnant with me back in brazil, where abortion is still illegal, she tried to have an illegal abortion, several times. As you can tell I survived. My mom has been a loving and nurturing mom. I'm her only child and she tells me often that I'm the best thing that happened to her. Because abortion was illegal I was born, and now I have two children of my own. Had it been legal my mom would have aborted me thinking she would not be able to give me a good life. She did anyway and I'm glad I'm alive.

  • Emily Cooke

    I don't support abortion, I support that it's legal. My loss was the most devastating thing that has ever happened especially coupled with my nearly 3 years of infertility. And your story is amazing and fantastic. But my thought is- if the abortion hadnt failed you wouldn't exist. While yes it's hard to imagine that- you wouldn't know any different or be 'sad' to not be alive now, know what I mean?

  • Veronica Pierce

    Emily, I am thankful for a debate where there was no cursing and I'm glad you could see at least some of what I am trying to say. I cant change your mind. But I will leave you with with 3 thoughts: 1) yes, I would not know any better but then again a two year old once dead would not know any better, that is still not a justification; 2) abortion to prevent the "possibility" of years of abuse is a homicide to prevent just a hypothesis (the mother could give for addition, the mother could die and some nice aunt take care of the baby, the mother could turn out to be a great mom like mine, and millions of other possibilities) so ending that life in fear of what could happen seems at least immoral; 3) I'm glad at least you would not out to be a great mom like mine, and millions of other possibilities) so ending that life in fear of what could happen seems at least immoral.

  • Veronica Pierce

    Please think about that. I know you would not stand for the right of a woman to kill her two year old under the excuse she would either have to kill or abuse because you know it is not true. There are other possibilities than murder. Just consider that. And thanks again for an honest debate.

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that awkward moment when you cant find a bra so you stuff your tits in your pants

How to: Father's Day Wreath

My apologies if you are a believer, I had to post this because I am not.

  • Jaimie Ann

    Not buying into anything that blames women as a whole for the downfall of society. Or tells me what to do with my body and my life. Preach elsewhere, like outta my face, bible-thumpers!

  • Angela M

    Last I heard freedom of speech (and opinion) was still ok in America - you trying to take that away 'cause you don't agree? Not telling anyone what to do - I just disagree with the post - my right - at least for now...

  • Lauer Amanda

    I've never looked at it like this. This is creative. I understand how you could feel that way but when you believe in him with all your heart he will show you he is real. It's the most amazing thing your ever experience because as hard as it is to believe when he shows you his love it is that much harder to explain how amazing it felt. hat m

  • ~ Moonbeam ~

    i'm a believer, but DAMN! that is just too funny!!

  • Kelly Rosborough

    Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. That is why western civilization is great. If you believe and it works for you great. If you don't and it works for you great too. Its when your beliefs aren't working for you that you've got a problem.

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