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Arts´n Inspiration

Couldn't have said this ANY better! I miss theatre so much!

High School are lesson: 1 pt Perspective/Mixed Media Collage

Marc+Janssens+_+sculptures+_+artodyssey+(10).jpg (550×412)

Artodyssey: Marc Janssens

Accidentally overlaid a bunch of drawings and it looks pretty good.

Lips examples Artwork by Khantinka. I need to keep these in mind for my next portrait drawing

March 4th by Khantinka on deviantART

Fred le chevalier - street art - paris 11, rue du faubourg du temple (juil 2014)

Roman Ro by Reinhard Voss

Reinhard Voss – die anderen

blackwork course | tutor : Florence Collingwood

origami_mademoiselle-maurice-05 origami street art

Origami Streetart -

Vinyl under microscope

When I finally get paid for a project.

When I  agree to work on a friend´s shitty production.

When they just won´t draw the curtain. I know that feeling.

Janice Lowry's beautiful journals

Chasing Ray - Draw me a life

Shadows in abandoned psychiatric hospitals…

Shadows in abandoned psychiatric hospitals…