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Dr. Charles Stanley's Quotes and Video's

Best Bible Teacher A saving faith by Dr. Charles Stanley 4 kinds of faith A. No Faith—(Mark 4:40). B. Little Faith— (Matt. 6:30). C. Great Faith— (Matt. 8:11) D. Faith Failure— (Luke 22:31-32) A. Our faith grows as we study the Word, listening for His guidance through the Scriptures. B. It is also strengthened when we face and overcome struggles. God uses tests for our good and to make us more capable servants.

Dr Charles Stanley is an amazing Pastor, He takes it straight from the word of God, I am always blessed every time I view his weekly program. Check it out for yourself, it always cuts right to the heart.

Dr. Charles Stanley ~ An Incredible shepard, his approach to the word is more consoling and life applicable...strong influence

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We need courage as we get hit by many new feelings, facts, restrictions, limitations, obstacles, challenges and offers of advice and help. We need courage not only to endure times of adversity, but also to make the changes that adversity compels us to make. In any case, we can trust the Holy Spirit to help us in times of adversity and to grow and change so that we can live in keeping with the example set by Jesus Christ. Dr Charles Stanley