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14 Church Puns So Bad They're Actually Hilarious

14 Church Puns So Bad They're Actually Hilarious

14 Church Puns So Bad They're Actually Hilarious

14 Church Puns So Bad They're Actually Hilarious

LDS infographic. Are you listening to the world's lies or the gospel's truths about your real worth and self-image?

Truth, Lies, and Your Self-Worth - New Era Jan. 2014 - new-era

Scripture insight from the Book of Mormon: "bridle all your passions"

Bridle All Your Passions - New Era Jan. 2014 - new-era

Simple ways to share the gospel and be a member missionary.

Sharing the Gospel Naturally - New Era Mar. 2014 - new-era

Tips for learning from general conference.

What’s Up? - New Era Apr. 2014 - new-era

Scripture symbols about Jesus Christ as our Shepherd.

One Fold and One Shepherd - New Era Apr. 2014 - new-era

2014 Primary Talks - are you kidding me? Short theme appropriate talks for each week for the kids who are unprepared. I'm totally printing this out and sticking it in the binder.

What covenants did I make at baptism? from the blog All Things Bright and Beautiful

These baptism sacks are filled with treats and reminders of the covenants made on your child's special baptism day!

Baptism Candy Bar Note Idea! "Dear _________ SWEETTARTS, Congratulations! We are so proud of YORK decision today. You know baptism in more than a FUNDIP in the water. It is an EXTRA special covenant between you and Heavenly Father. This promise will bring you so much [almond] JOY. You also received the gift of the Holy Ghost today. Use it MOUNDS so you can always know how to [FRUIT] CHEWS the right. It is UP2U to keep your covenant. You shine like a STARBURST! Love, The Primary"

LDS Handouts: Man.1 Les.17-Purposes of Covenants and Ordinance

Sharing Time on the Sacrament! Baptismal Covenants bookmarks!! LDS

Baptism Covenant Poster, would be good in a smaller size to keep inside scriptures

Our Baptismal Covenants "Bear the name of Jesus Christ" "Bear one another's burdens" "Bear Testimony"

susan fitch design: Baptism Bears