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A Canadian photographer caught nature’s best photobomb when she captured a tornado during a wedding photoshoot. (Source: Colleen Niska/Colle...

Tornado photobombs newlyweds' wedding photos

The 21 Best Photos Of 2013. You Will Get Chills.

The 21 Best Photos Of 2013. You Will Get Chills.

Fantastic shot with the way the dress flows and allows the light of the sunset through.

Robert Jahns - ShockBlast5: Happy balloons

Robert Jahns photoworx @ ShockBlast

Surreal photography by Robert Jahns

Robert Jahns is a photographer whose work is surreal, but has a strange, dream-like quality. It would be impossible for most of his photos to exist in this plane of existence. However, there is an edge to each image, making us wonder…. “Could it be?” The German art director’s Instagram account (Nois7) and Flickr are full of his incredible photos. After you take one look, you’ll feel like you’re floating through a dream.

Surreal photography can transport us from the realm of reality into a dream-like world of wonder. Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova does just that with her incredible photography. She uses powerful animals and delicate models, juxtaposed together, to create her artwork. It may not sound like much, but when you see these pictures yourself, you’ll understand. It’s like a real-life Alice in Wonderland.

Louvre Pyramid by Juan Pablo de Miguel on 500px

Amsterdam by Juan Pablo de Miguel on 500px

Scorpion Cape by Juan Pablo de Miguel

The Spatial Carnival by Juan Pablo de Miguel on 500px

Granada Fisheye by Juan Pablo de Miguel on 500px