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School is Fun: Art

These Animal Pictures Are Not Photographs: they are meticulous line drawings done by DeviantArt member Franco Clun. The focus on detail is incredible in this drawing and at first glance it seems almost impossible to tell that this is a drawing and not a black and white photo. I suggest clicking on the link to check out some other drawings done by this artist.

These Animal Pictures Are Not Photographs

GAHHH!! I wanted to draw a picture like this sooo bad last year! This is so beautiful.

drawing ideas - Google Search

Рисунки карандашом (49 картинок) » Триникси

Pencil Shading Exercises is a great way for the students to practice their shaping and understand positive and negative space before we tackle a huge drawing project

Pencil Shading Techniques

Face shading, basic planes by *what-i-do-is-secret on deviantART

Face shading, basic planes by what-i-do-is-secret on deviantART

Shoulder Back ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン • Find more at

Basic Pencil Shading by Snigom

Arms and Hands Tutorial by Snigom on deviantART

how to draw hair line-based-inspiration. These are really cute hair ideas for me to try!!

How to Draw Realistic Hair

How to Draw People | Fun Drawing Lessons for Kids & Adults

Artists have known for centuries that the average human adult body is made from parts that are in proportion to each other in predictable ways. If you draw your figures according to these ratios, your finished work will look more natural.