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How Tos

41 Pins

How Tos

  • 41 Pins

Step by step instructions for how to use chalk paint and wax. Great tips!

For future reference. How to: Piping

shelf styling

Shut. Up! Mod Podge fabric to a side table, pour resin on top, let it dry overnight into something fabulous!

sewing curtains.


How to remove permanent marker from everything! | Budget Savvy Diva

The easiest way to hang a picture! Why didn't I think of this?

Fabulous blog on the basic's of digital photography. Each post is a new lesson w/ an activity to do to make you learn your camera!! Perfect for Nikon or Canon owners.

How to "blur" the background of your photo...

cool website! let's you click on what you want to work out then gives you a ton of exercises to try for that area!

How to "Unshrink" Your Clothes!!

how to ladder stitch a stuffing hole closed to give a smooth and neat finish - need to know for torn stuffed animals and pillows

heat your home in an emergency. I'm sure I could find a way to make this.

Dryer Lint Stuffed in Paper Tube = Kindling. It IS easy being green.

Why didn't I know this sooner?! Safety filter on YouTube for Kids. This is a MUST READ for any parent!! Kids love watching funny videos on YouTube, but they can easily venture into the UNKNOWN. Step by stop instructions on how to turn on YouTube SafeSearch. It should only take 10 minutes!

a pediatrician explains her emergency kit. This is hard to think about but really good information....this is a very orderly and thorough article....

How ti fix a broken zipper. Wow, and how many pairs of pants have I tossed out when I could have just fixed it in 5 minutes! Everyone must learn how to do this.

PDF to Word document is a fantastically simple site that allows you do do just what the url suggests: Convert PDF documents to fully editable Word documents. You simple go to the site, upload your pdf, select either .doc or .rtf, enter your email and click convert. PDF to Word then emails you the word file upon completion. SO USEFUL!!

Unlocking a car with a tennis ball... I'll be so happy I repinned this one day

decorating measurements

how to store fruits and vegetables so they won't rot... Celery: wrap it in tin foil - will stay crisp in the fridge for weeks.

How to get the perfect edge when sewing.

one of the most useful things I learned in culinary school was how to cut melon...repinning for those people who still don't know how!

WHOA... I don't how this guy figured this out, but he is a genius. Trick to multiplication tables 6X6 and above. - I knew the 9's trick, but have never seen this one before!