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1550 - 1600 Queen Elizabeth Period Fashion

Fashion and Costumes late 16th Century: 1550-1599 Elizabethan style

George Gower, Portrait of a Lady, thought to be Isabel Biddulph, née Gifford, circa 1570-1575, Weiss Galklery 2001.

File:George Gower Isabel Biddulph.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Penelope Devereux, later styled Penelope Blount, Countess of Devonshire (1562-7/1607) Born at Chartley Castle in Staffordshire, she was the elder daughter of Walter Devereux 1st Earl of Essex and Lettice Knollys, daughter of Sir Francis Knollys and Catherine Carey, and sister of William Knollys, later 1st Earl of Banbury. Catherine Carey was the daughter of Lady Mary Boleyn by either her husband Sir William Carey, Gentleman of the Privy Chamber, or her lover King Henry VIII.

Portrait identified by a later inscription as Dorothy and Penelope Devereux, daughters of Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex and his wife Lettice Knolles. Now at Longleat House. Date circa 1581

Photo of Dorothy penelope devereaux

Portrait of Sigismund III (1566 - 1632). Sigismund III was King of Sweden from 1592 until 1599, when he was deposed by his uncle. He was also King of Poland from 1587 until his death in 1632. He married twice and had twelve children.

Margaret Tudor's marriage to James IV, King of Scots in 1503 foreshadowed the Union of the Crowns - their great-grandson, King James VI of Scotland, the child of Mary Stuart and Henry, Lord Darnley, became King of England and Ireland upon the death of Margaret's fraternal niece, Elizabeth I of England.

Sampler Girl blog: Statue of Elizabeth I at the Elizabethan Gardens in Outer Banks, NC.

The Sampler Girl's Blog: Elizabethan Gardens

Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk (July 16,1517 – November 20, 1559), born Lady Frances Brandon, was the second child and eldest daughter of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk and Mary Tudor, Dowager Queen of France. She was the mother of Lady Jane Grey, who was briefly Queen of England, and older sister to Henry Brandon, 1st Earl of Lincoln and Eleanor Clifford, Countess of Cumberland. Her maternal uncle was King Henry VIII of England and her maternal aunt was Queen Margaret of Scotland.

Elizabethan Costume Silk Organza UnderPartlet by DesignsFromTime, $198.00

Eleanora of Toledo skirt in progress by Kim Byrnes. Motives are patched on (applique) and then hand embroidered lines are made on it.

Life is too short for normal clothes

1567 Mary Hill, Mrs MacWilliam by Master of the Countess of Warwick. Lady Mary's dress has several interesting features. The gauzy material, found on her sleeves and partlet, is either printed or embroidered with blackwork. She appears to be wearing a vest-overdress that includes the rolled sleeves. Her hands cover the probable location of a vee waistline, but there could be no separation there at all (rather unlikely). Her pendant suggests her dress has a girdle and vee waistline.

Dorothy,Lady Dormer ;c1595 - Detail. The armillary sphere (signifying the Queen's power and her dominion over her subjects) sits rather uncomfortably in the centre of this lady's stomacher. The cut-off serpents ( which signified wisdom) might also indicate a re-used piece of royal clothing which didn't quite fit its new position.

hair ornament from the movie "Shakespeare in Love"

Придворный костюм в фильме Л. Висконти «Людвиг»

Detail Elizabeth I

Portrait of Queen Mary I and her consort Philip of Spain, attributed to George Perfect Harding. Nineteenth-century. The painting is a copy of Anthonis Mor’s portrait of the couple in Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire. The original painting is often claimed to be by Hans Eworth, though in a catalogue of Eworth’s works, currently being compiled by PhD student Hope Walker, it is not identified with this artist. Thus, attribution varies.

Penelope Rich was a notorious Elizabethan beauty, inspiring poetry and praise from the courtly male elite. But as a married women she also achieved a certain notoriety and fame by virtue of a series of love affairs. Born into the wealthy Essex family in 1563, Penelope was the daughter of Walter Devereux, first Earl of Essex and his wife, Lettice Knollys.

Anne Leighton, Daughter of Elizabeth Knollys, Grand Daughter of Catherine Carey, Great-Grand Daughter of Mary Boleyn