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"Slow down and smell the flowers: blog on the Reggio Approach and the importance of slowing down, watching and listening." Hyacinths placed on the table to provoke the children’s interest at Crayons, wands & Building Blocks ≈≈

slow down and smell the flowers

"A child doesn't learn the colours by staying inside the lines. but by having the time and possibility to try them out" - Angelique Felix teaches English Second Language to Italian toddlers and preschoolers inspired by the Reggio Emilia method.

Within the Reggio Emilia schools, great attention is given to the look and feel of the classroom. Just feast your eyes on some of the wonderful images of Reggio Emilia inspired preschools I have found lately:

How to promote free independent play in your children!

Materials in a Reggio-inspired Home: Blocks I really think blocks are the epitome of open-ended materials. They allow a child to express their own creativity while making designs, constructions and sculptures. Blocks require a child to think creatively, problem solve, negotiate and invent. They learn about concepts of balance, stability and symmetry through trial and error as they construct their buildings. Here's some thoughts on extending block play as well as a list of our blocks.

Adults experimenting with the concept of time. Learning how it feels like for a kid to create within timelimits. "Give children time, space and freedom from rules and structures. let them Be" @

We can learn from our children to stop and live the moment. An inspiring article by the great Eckart Tolle.

Why play is the best possibility for Children to be themselves!

Unlimited creations of A Kid. Playing and creating without interference. With great picture!

Are you saying that I can fly? I say you are free! - Bach Giving children a chance to play without adultagenda. @AngeliqueFelixcom