leftover wine bottles into snowy centerpiece: white primer, spray craft glue, and epsom salt

Coastal Cottage Emporium - Estate Treasures - Panama City

Remember to use a toilet paper roll as a filler- makes ornaments go further in filling vases! Good thinking.

24 recipes for homemade hand and foot scrubs Yay for personalized Christmas gifts! :)

Regular candle holders, mod podge, epsom salt. Dry. Repeat. Magical...

Tie cinnamon sticks around your candles. the heated cinnamon makes your house smell amazing. good holiday gift idea too.

What an amazing idea! using shelled corn artistically, Love. This could be great made into a wreath ( caution : keep away from birds and squirels )

fall decorating with hurricane vases - popcorn kernels, red beans, and peas... SIMPLE!

Christmas treat: eggnog with vanilla vodka and kahlua

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