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Knitting - stitch patterns


knitca: Back to working on my stitch pattern library

Mock cables: spiral-stitch edition - LoveKnitting blog

Mock cables: Spiral-stitch edition

A knitting lesson from Ariel Barton in using cable techniques to make trees with as many branches as you want >> drawing cables

How to Knit the Linen Stitch With 1, 2 and 3 colors - very nice single-page instruction with examples and hints

Falling in Love With Linen Stitch: A Tutorial

Twice-knit knitting is an unusual technique. It is remarkable because in addition to having almost no stretch it doesn't ravel. You can knit a fabric from Twice-knit and cut it, it wont' ladder. It is a thick, dense fabric because the stitches are turned 90 degrees to the fabric surface. It feels plush and springy. >>> k2tog, slip only first st off needle > repeat. Can do same with purling.

Tutorial: Twice-Knit Knitting

interesting blog talking about creating stitch patterns

Lace | String Geekery

A tutorial showing how to seamlessly graft together the ends of a knitted i-cord. Ideal for finishing the i-cord cast on or bind off in the round.

Grafting I-Cord Ends 101

I Cord Cast On

Whimsical Knitting Designs: I Cord Cast On

K1-b/r knitting increases - way to increase stitches without leaving a hole.

Classic Elite Yarns - Stitches

Really Useful Knit Central Decrease For large # of stitches. Slip half total decrease then pass over central stitch alternating right and left. Gives bell shape or rounded top of cable end

Ravelry: skeincharmer's Reversed Kihnu Troi Cast-on

skeincharmer's Reversed Kihnu Troi Cast-on

Summer (free lace knitting pattern)

Summer (free stitch patterns)

Lacy Openwork Stitch

Lacy Openwork Stitch - Purl Avenue

FAGGOTING LACE - cast on multiple of 2 -- everyrow -- K1, * yo, k2tog * end last stitch K1. This pattern is completely reversible.

How to Knit the Faggot Stitch

Asynchronous Lace

Asynchronous Lace | The Weekly Stitch

Twisted German Cast On

Casting On In Knitting-Twisted German Cast On

Mock Zig Zag Cable Knitting Stitch

Mock Zig Zag Cable Knitting Stitch

Bubble stitch instructions for knitting machine

More knit bubbles «