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Students use Learning Ally's accessible audio textbooks to listen as they follow along in the book. They learn differently and the multi-sensory approach is one way of learning that works for students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Educate teachers. All teachers should be explicitly trained in the Orton- Gillingham multisensory reading techniques. It is the best method for all learners.

I'll always remember Mr. Byrd's class where he made fun of me for having a hard time reading a paragraph - and I don't even have a really bad case. Never make fun - it's creates scars that sometimes never heal. Luckily over time I was able to overcome a lot of my reading problems.

"Dyslexia is swirling tornadoes on the page...a tormenting storm in my stomach."

Each of these people made a difference because of their learning differences. What an elite group in which to be a member! Part 3 of 3

People with dyslexia do not need to be changed or "fixed".

I would add that every child who has dyslexia has different symptoms and different levels of severity. While not every tool or tutoring method will work the same for every child, I firmly believe that each and every child with dyslexia can and will succeed with proper support. ~Scott Forsythe

A metaphor about dyslexia by Caitlin in which reading is the locked room and the "key" is the key to reading. Note from the artist: "You should never tell a person with dyslexia that all their problems will be solved if they just try harder. We're not lazy and we're working our hardest, we just need a different key than most people." (rueraven on Tumblr)

Interesting comparison of common learning differences

Dolch sight word flash cards contain 220 words and come in 2 sizes. Since Dyslexia kids see in pictures. Having the spelling word with a picture and story que helps them to store it in long term memory. Even better if you teach them to use their photographic memory that is taught by Dianne Craft. Helping the struggling learner.