All twelve Number of the Day units on sale now! From Mrs Balius's First Grade

Number of the Day {The Whole Year!} Bundle

The Beginning of the Year by SOL Train Learning: Read about what I do the first day of school to foster quality students. You can also grab this FREEBIE which is a pocket chart poem and a simple Quality Quentin puppet. #Back to School#Quality Quentin#penguin#behavior#TPT#ELA#poem#puppet#education

This is fun game and it gets those wiggles out as well. Money Scoot is a fun and exciting game that gets all of your kiddos up and out of their seats and moving around.It can be used as a preview to see what your students already know, as a review or as an assessment after teaching counting money to 50¢. ncludes: Directions to “Scoot” 24 task cards and 4 Take a Break Cards if you have more than 24 students A recording sheet Answer Key $ #money#math#TPT

S.O.L. Train: Moments That Count in the Classroom: Math Workshop

We did this New Year's Resolution writing in my classroom for the first time and the project turned out great!

100's chart math fun-- great for the 100th day of school or an easy math activity!

These worksheets have tremendously improved the handwriting in my class. Seriously a life saver!!

Subitizing is recognizing an amount of objects without having to count. Children need to be able to subitize if they are to build a strong mathematical foundation. $

30 Addition Word Problems with Three Addends ~ For enrichment, a bonus question is included with each problem. ($3)

Tackling Math Workshop -- small group rotations (M is for Math facts, A = At your seat, T = Teacher's choice, and H = Hands on)

Freebie! Practice 101-120 by tracing at First Grade Fingerprints

The Story of 10 Print + Learn Math Kit >> Teach addition facts and number 10 bonds with fun games, hands on activities, and posters.

A variety of skills just right for first graders! Using a hundreds chart, number sense to 120, counting on, place value, and more! Each game keeps them engaged for 15-20 minutes! $

Problem Solving Math Strategies

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