Extraordinary Classroom: Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves

Extraordinary Classroom: Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves

Such an inviting area from Early Life Foundations

Extraordinary Classroom

Autumn Leaves exploration

Snails can paint-The Living Classroom

The Magic of snails-The Living Classroom


June 2014 Newsletter | Palisades Preschool

Exploring color... Can you find a match? Can you make this color? - from Beyond 4walls (FynesKs on Twitter)

leaf painting -The Nest Nursery School

"Using the outdoors and the garden as a provocation to “see,” I set up this provocation in the studio"-Marla McLean

Children building their own theories and sometimes a community theory-Marla McLean-WONDERFUL WORK:-)

"Use the black pen to show what your leaf looks like, or how it moves."-Marla McLean

Why are the leaves falling down?-"concept of metaphor within the concept of the fall leaves and three year old children"-Marla McLean

Marla McLean, Atelierista » One heart at a time

Identifying a Ginkgo Leaf (a little boy's favorite leaf) with Leafsnap App

Leaf Invitation

Leaf Invitation

Painting on easel and adding leaves

Painting on easel and adding leaves

Angie Harrison (TechieAng) on Twitter

Colours of autumn from Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone (",)

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