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33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo - article with more pics

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. Love the placement!

This tat blows my freaking mind. Who says tattoos make you look tough? This is so soft and delicate

I lI wish I was bold enough to do this. I think it's awesome but I am too scared of putting anything permanent on my bady. I have a tiny tiny tattoo and that's all the courage I can muster up to have right know. If it is going on my body, I have to want it forever.

14k Solid Gold Nose Ring Small Embellished Hoop by nadinessra:

Nose Jewelry Sizing Info - deffs want either 1/4" or 5/16"

LOVE her shades

i have such a thing for ladies with nose rings. seriously.

wish i could pull off the hoop nose ring, or a nose ring period!

IMG_2923.JPG 640×426 pixels

Piercings in my right ear :) #conch #rook #doublehelix

I looove her ears. This is me in the process. i want them FULL! Rings everrrrywhere

Becky Bedbug: 8mm Stretched Ear & Conch Piercing

Simple but beautiful conch piercing from last night. 12g Anatometal captive bead ring. #monterey #bodypiercing #anatometal (Taken with Instagram)

My Orbital Piercing :) LOVE IT!!! Along with my tragus

ear lobe orbital piercing