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Solitaire (Jane Seymour) - 'Live And Let Die' Live and Let Die was the first Bond movie to feature Roger Moore, as well as the first to feature the word "pimpmobile." Jane Seymour's character is a clairvoyant virgin who loses her abilities after Bond seduces her. Bad show, 007.

My mom showed my siblings and I this movie when we were still little children. She loved it and now so do I. Jane Seymour is exquisite!

A young Jane Seymour. I think she is so beautiful

Jane Seymour in the Scarlet Pimpernel

Gorgeous Kathleen Turner

Lawrence Kasdan direct this throwback to early days of film noir. Kathleen Turner is spectacular!

Kathleen Turner The actress learned she had severe RA in her mid-40s, in 1993. In her 2008 autobiography, Send Yourself Roses, she described how the illness wiped out her sex life and led to her dependence on alcohol. Turner says exercise has helped her cope with the illness, while medication is keeping it under control. The Body Heat star urges others who suspect they might have RA to act quickly, and get a blood test for RA factor. "The earliest you can test for arthritis—do it," she told USA Today in 2001. "It’s just a simple blood test."

Kathleen Turner

Catherine Deneuve 1962

Catherine Deneuve 1969

catherine deneuve with ysl