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Chelsie Hightowers voluminous loose curls

Roast Sticky Chicken-Rotisserie Style

California Tortilla Pizzas

Jessica Albas stunning updo!

  • Ki Holik

    A normal girl wears her hair this way & it's homely. Jessica Alba wears her hair like this & it's stunning. Go figure.

  • Neesa Savarese

    It's a pony tail....

  • Jen Taylor

    she needs to blend her under eye canceler a little better

  • Sara Feehan

    Are you kidding...this is what most girls call their "bum" look.

  • Kathie Denman

    seriously...updo? that is a ponytail!

I would like to get this kitty, if only my peeps weren't allergic.

  • Erica Hall

    Not true. Allergies are from proteins which are found in saliva and dander (dead skin cells). So regardless of hair or not, people allergic to cats are still allergic.

  • Pia Hansen

    depends on which allergies you have.

  • Natalie Roehrig

    They aren't completely hairless either. It's just thin and fine but is typically a more hypoallergenic breed. They also need to be bathed thoroughly EVERY WEEK because of all the oils their skin produces.

  • Eva Huet

    OMG! Who turned that cat inside out?

  • Grace Jerrell

    Depends on what type of allergy they have really...

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