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pit bulls are great dogs.

My latest tattoo !!! My monkey fav monkey .. Blue flower for him and pink one for me

  • Maya Kent

    Yeh my daughter had this same monkey and accidently left it behind at a service station, went back later and some had taken him. Do u live in Australia by any chance? Lol

  • Milene Lopes

    Sorry maya but no I don't ! And I know the feeling my son would be miserable without it ...if u search online u can prob order another one.. I don't think they sell them anymore in stores.. But it's a TY beenie if I see the # I'll put it on here

  • Maya Kent

    Thanks Milene. Yeh we have two exact back up monkeys but they're just not the original. I've washed the back ups to near death to get the same soft, worn feel but she knows

  • Milene Lopes

    Yeah I know what u mean my kid would chew on it's ears and twirl the tail ... Half the lip is gone etc.. Would meet be the same

  • Maya Kent

    Lol yeh the tail was a favourite

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