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Quick Pilates Routine to Define Your Waistline Full 30 minute Pilates routine video at

Define Your Waistline With This 10-Minute Pilates Series

If you want toned arms do this, it's 10 minutes with 5 pound dumbells!

10-Minute Bikini Tone-Up: Arms and Shoulders

Zumba video for beginners- 45 mins

Arm exercises

Before bed yoga sequence

You can do these all at home! #exercise - Pinned by Mountain Land Rehabilitation. Learn more about MLR at!

Try this 10-Minute Core Fusion Class

Tips for a better workout on the elliptical trainer.

Jenna Dewan Tatum's Five Hot Toners: Work shoulders, triceps, abs, hips and hamstrings with the 'Hot Hinge.' See the full move >>

One Exercise to End "Lower Belly Pooch" every girl should read this!! This stretch will bring your hips back to where they should be, ease forward pressure on your lower back, and dial back the lower belly bulge. Also helps to stretch the tight hips to end lower back pain.

No more rounded shoulders! 6 moves to help correct bad posture!

I LOVE these fitsugar workouts--Core and Cardio 10 minutes; adding this one to my long list of favs

The 20-Minute Pilates Workout: 4 Weeks to a Bikini Body.

14 treadmill workouts whether you want a walking workout, 20 minute workout, 30 minute workout or 45 minute workout its here!!

Call Me Maybe-Zumba 47 FREE Zumba videos. I have been searching for something like this!! :)

Toned & Sculpted Arms workout

Reduc Weight, Yoga Pose, Weight Loss, Simpl Weight, Healthi Weight, Workout

Links to workouts (p90x, zumba, and insanity) streamed for FREE.

Crossfit Video, Crossfit Workout, 10 Minut, Minut Long, 10Minut, Health, Drip Sweat, Fun Crossfit, Weights Workout

Wedding Arms: Done three times per week, this routine will sculpt your arms from your shoulders to your fingertips in less than a month!

10-Minute Intense Barre-Style

Cross Fit Workouts.......these are extremely basic and great for a beginner.

helps you drink more water, and snack less. Add frozen fruit to your water bottle! it will flavor your water, and keeps it cool

Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones Workout- Circuit 7 is a fierce, fat-blasting, lower-body exercise circuit that is designed to slim the hips and thighs, tighten the oblique's, flatten the abs and shrink the waistline through a unique series of floor exercises that use your own body weight against you. Say goodbye to those saddlebags and s...