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Terrifying 40-Year-Old Fetus Found Inside an Old Lady

How Wearing a Corset Every Day (and Night!) Changed This Woman's Life | Fashion - Yahoo Shine

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei~ A great simple timeline about Modern Iran since 1921.

TODAY Moms . Parenting Advice, Stories and Mom News | Blogs - Military mom 'proud' of breast-feeding in uniform, despite criticism

12 preplanned, prepaid date nights. cutest wedding gift! Or a good anniversary gift. This is a must :)

TIME's breast-feeding toddler cover spurs shock, talk Well, I have to say I'm definitely shocked!

  • Lisa Jordan

    this is ridiculous. There is no reason a child this age should still be breast feeding.

  • Ruthie Bowles

    I totally agree. I can't imagine how she could stand to take this picture.

  • Cindy Sawyer

    Is there a dislike button...

  • Lisa Jordan

    Right!! That poor kid is now in the public eye and plastered on a cover that will be around forever. He is gonna be tormented in school. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • Ruthie Bowles

    My husband said that during the interview, he was a little brat.... he'll be worse now, once he is old enough to be teased for this....

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This woman makes me sick. "Ocotomom"? Really? Now if that isn't a publicity stunt, then what is? This woman has 14 children altogether, and we never hear about any fathers. She just filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and is on welfare. She has enough money to get a $520 haircut!

This little girl, Avery, died of a spinal muscular genetic defect. Her parents wrote a blog called "Avery's Bucket List", telling of her adventures from her perspective. So sad, and cute...

Now I'm not to big on environmentalism or anything, but truly sinking carriers in the middle of the ocean does seem like a bad idea. If only for the bad publicity. The military does not need more bad publicity.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims. And to the family of the shooter, because I'm sure they are shocked out of their minds.....

So apparently, a study showed that playing games like WoW, may improve cognitive abilities in older adults. Funny, since all it did for Army AIT students was help them get kicked out of training!

The Air Force cancelled an order for 3,000 iPads. What the heck does the AF need 3,000 iPads for? No wonder our country is in debt!

So a development team from the Pakistan Air Force has been put to work to make a copy of the iPad, called the PacPad. How silly!

The things people will do to bacon! If you follow the link there are more examples of crazy bacon products in the article!

The most ridiculous bacon products

So the first American deaths since this whole Koran burning thing started this week.

This is PFC Manning, the soldier who decided to sell our secrets. What a fool. Possibly facing a sentence of 150 years.