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Girl’s Camp Fire Ceremonial Gown and Insignia, 1920s. *This gown was worn by a girl called Sybil Vincent. Sybil and her friends from Croydon High School formed a Camp Fire group called Camp Keema, meaning 'the camp which faces the wind'. They had enjoyed reading Elsie J. Oxenham's Camp Keema series of books, which were about a group of Camp Fire girls, and wanted to use the same name.

Camp Fire Girls Mug..Rochelle was a campfire girl:)


Camp Fire Girls postage stamp

Vintage Creams Crunchies Chewies Chocolates 1960's Camp Fire Girls Candy Box

Virginia V Steamer | Seattle This is the boat Janis and I went to Camp Sealth on…thru the locks and all.

FarmBoat Floating Market on the Virginia V at Lake Union Park in Seattle It’s still alive and we went to camp in 1951 and 2..I got home sick and had to go home..Janis was tough and made it all the way without tears

A little before my time, but the ties remind me of camp counseling at Camp Fire Girls camp!

Bluebird and Campfire GirlsHere are some Bluebird and Campfire Girls. The Terri Lee doll on the left is dressed at a Mariner Girl Scout. All the dolls are official scouts. They are Terri Lee, Tiny Terri Lee, and Effanbee dolls.

Vintage Fringed Dress, Moccasins, Headband, Beads

In the years following the Great Depression, Camp Fire Girls sold doughnuts to raise money. This photo, taken in the 1930s


Campfire Girl beads