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East African Centre for Law & Justice

332,278 Lives Taken in 2009 at U.S. Government Expense

Genetically Modified Foods: Are They Safe? Pt 1 - Thank you, Dr. Oz for bringing this topic into mainstream media! People have the right to know what they're eating. If GMO's are so safe then label them. What is Montsano so afraid of?

Montsano owned companies

Montsano kills!

Obama just passed the Montsano Protection Act. Under the section, courts would be helpless to stop Monsanto from continuing to plant GMO crops that are thought -- even by the US government -- to be a danger to human health or our cherished environment. Montsano has immunity from prosecution on any future side effects to the public.

Love these shirts! Facial deformities brought on by tumors and cleft lips are problems faced everyday by those in areas of Africa. With every shirt sold, surgeries can be provided to change these lives!

Beautiful picture of a child drinking clean water. We can all make a difference!

Imagine if you had to drink this water everyday? Make a difference a donate towards the clean water cause.

Great article from NRDC about Bring Safe Water to the World. Eliminate the world's biggest health risk-- dirty water

Dirty water is the number one reason why children around the world are malnourished.

Everyday people in the developed world have clean water to drink. But what about all those who don't? Get involved...

Children are being abducted every day in Uganda and forced to become child soldiers, killing their parents and each other in order to survive. Please help stop Joseph Kony and his crimes against humanity. #kony2012

More than photography - STOP Kony in 2012. Save the Invisible Children.

Please support KONY 2012 so that innocent children stop being kidnapped, raped, and murdered by Joseph Kony & The Lord's Resistance Army. Thanks for your time and assistance.

To Care for Orphans -- social justice