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Cover reveal. No Letting Go releases in October! :)

Anne Rainey Erotic fiction The most potent lover she’s ever had…and the morning sickness to prove it! /i/pp/ppiBlackwater, Book 4/i/ppLucy Rice knew that a night of uninhibited passion with… read more at Kobo. romance books Nook Kindle Kobo

Reillys Wildcard by Anne Rainey--May 14th romance book erotic fiction Nook Kindle

Italian version of Pleasure Bound.

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It's on Kobo! :) One night, two hunky firemen... a girl could do worse! High School English Teacher, Suni Buchanan married the man of her dreams and has a job she loves. So, why does she fantasize about being… read more at Kobo. erotic fiction romance book Nook Kindle

Anne Rainey River's Redemption--Blackwater, book 5--November 5, 2013 erotic romance fiction book Nook Kindle

River's Redemption--Blackwater, book 5--November 5, 2013! :)

Anne Rainey Up for pre-order! Reillys Wildcard - Samhain Publishing erotic fiction romance book Nook Kindle

Anne Rainey, His tools, his rules…/i/pp/ppiBlackwater, Book 2/i/ppLooking at Vance Jennings now, no one would guess that the tough-as-nails building contractor once suffered a broken heart… read more at Kobo. erotic fiction romance book Nook Kindle

Anne Rainey, Resistance is no longer an option…/em/ppA emTahoe Nights/em story./ppFaced with the annual family reunion in Lake Tahoe, Amanda Harding cringes inwardly like the awkward teenager… read more at Kobo.

LIKE my page in order to win these three print books! Nook Kindle erotic fiction romance book Anne Rainey

Seduce Me Anne Rainey In Touching Lace, Lacey is tired of rejection and turns to her best friend for lessons in seduction. But from Nicks first touch, lessons fly out the windowall she wants is more of him, and him alone. In Tasting Candy, Blade is hungry for sex and theres only one woman on his menuCandice. Except Candy is afraid of her own shadow. Blade sets out to prove that sex with him is just the therapy she needs. erotic fiction romance book

Desired Anne Rainey What She Wants When a sexy hunk checks into her B, desire reawakens inside widow Summer Chase. Gage desperately needs a vacation, but one look at Summer and relaxation is the last thing he wants. He wants a tasty Summer treat to savor, one delectable inch at a time erotic fiction romance book Nook Kindle Kobo Ride of Her Life eBook: Anne Rainey: Kindle Store It’s been a year since her divorce and Lily Justice is ready to move on—but not with just any man. She’s got a certain drool-worthy body shop owner in mind. It’s almost convenient that her car needs some work. And when she meets Kyle Wolff up close and personal, her inner-slut has to have him, age difference be damned.

erotic fiction romance book So Sensitive: Anne Rainey P.I. Wade Harrison admits that his friend’s luscious assistant, Gracie, has been tantalizing him for months. So Wade jumps at the chance to offer her the personal protection she needs, free of charge. The only catch is, Gracie must agree to obey his orders-no questions asked. Kindle