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gardening / lawn

Foxtail ornamental grass are perenials that are no style!

October Glory Maple - I want this in my yard!!

great landscaping - Daylilies & Hostas - love the simplicity & how lush it looks!

(#39 of 40) A rubber garden hose is an ideal tool for laying out the lazy curves of a flower garden. Shape and reshape the hose along the ground until you're satisfied with the design, then use a squeezable condiment bottle filled with powdered lime to mark the outline. Roll up the hose and start digging.

10 Vivid Color, Gorgeous Drought Resistant Plants

How to grow beautiful Hydrangeas. Also, includes tips for changing the color of the blooms with the soil.

Flowers circling trees- we need some native perennials at bases of our poor, chopped up Florida trees. Now I know it is not natural, as Palm trees are all transplants, yet, it seems so harsh to have all their trunks scarred by weed-whacking gardeners

List of Low Maintenance Plants

Chapin Bucket irrigation kit- used by missionaries in 3rd world countries and costs about $7 to irrigate two 50' rows. It's effective, cheap and simple. Fill the buckets 1-2 times daily and that's it.

Careless Gardener: The top five plants for low maintenance gardens

$100 for one of these!? Not when I can build it myself for $25! Mark this one down as a summer project!

66 things you can grow at home in containers

A trio of mosquito repelling potted plants. Perfect for the back porch

MUST grow some. Mosquito grass (a.k.a. Lemon Grass) repels mosquitoes | the strong citrus odor drives mosquitoes away--very functional patio plant.