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The other pinner wrote "What did you say about being old with tattoos again?" I have to agree with her if this is what my husband looks like when he is older I will be an extremely lucky woman !!!!

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Marine turned model: Alex Minsky .... great tattoos! Admire him for over coming his struggles!

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Good lord, he is hot. He's the only reason I watch Sons of Anarchy, let's be honest.

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Session #020 - 003 - CHARLIEHUNNAM.ORG » Charlie Hunnam Fan »


Charlie Hunnam | Of Sons ' complex matriarch Gemma (Sagal), Hunnam notes, ''There's a part of Jax that I think will always adore his mom and do what…

'Sons of Anarchy': Charlie Hunnam Pics | Photo 1 of 9 |

Save Big On Designer Bags, Check Here Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy. h.o.t.

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam -Sons of Anarchy Makes me want to hop on a bike again, this one in particular

"10. The wind actually exists solely to blow Zac's shirt open." from 14 Pictures that Prove Zac Efron is a Spectacular Human Being. This article is hilarious!

14 Photos That Prove Zac Efron Is A Spectacular Human

Zac Efron

21 Photos of Zac Efron Looking Like a Human Ken Doll - Zac Efron - Cosmopolitan

21 Photos of Zac Efron Looking Like a Human Ken Doll

Zac Efron + Wild Animals! | Ah, he is definitely the All American Guy when it comes to his appearance.

Zac Efron + Wild Animals!

I dont usually date guys under 6 ft, but for Zac Efron I think I can make an exception...

Zac Efron wins for 'Best Shirtless' at MTV Awards April 13, 2014

Zac Efron, ummm pretty sure it looks like he is working out in Santa Monica..which is..only where we were!!! Twice I might add! Where was he when we were there?!?!?!?

Twitter / _LadyBoners: Hot damn.

Tomas Klic, male fitness model | © Luis Rafael ► # pecs six pack abs hunk men nice arms bare chest hot guy male body shirtless musculoso

This is an image of the male body in this current era. In today's culture this would represent the perfect male: Doryphorus.

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