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How to Make A Simple Placecard and Holder. I might even top it with a flat lake Michigan stone to give it more weight in order to be able to put a photo in it.

Colorful streamers in bicycle wheel. Can use yellow and blue for a blue and gold banquet.

Moore babies: {Bike Birthday Party} The Cake

Moore babies: {Bike Birthday Party} The Cake

Handle-Bar Bling: Let kids boost the excitement quotient of their wheels with bells and streamers. This can be a fun craft for you and your guests at the Ultimate Bike Birthday Party

To recruit a fun gang of cycling fans for the Ultimate Bike Birthday Party, send out an invitation that really spins. Deliver it in an envelope designed to hold compact discs; addresses appear in the window, penned in silver on black paper. (Mailing square envelopes costs a bit extra; check with the post office.)

VeggieTales - A Thankful Heart - Reusable Party Cups, Set of 12

buy veggie tales stickers to stick on plain red/yellow/green cups and paper bags

A million ideas for party foods & how to present

Just buy small plastic glasses and fill them up with fruit. Display like cupcakes.

Strawberries and pineapple on a stick