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it's funny cuz it's true

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 72 Pics

Omg I'm dying!! Hahaha

The rarely seen ‘merm’…

I told you.

Professional Library Literature :

For the love of quotes — I wish common sense was more common …

Such as do you have a bathroom? You should twirl and skip and motion them to follow you to your front porch point to a bush, then twirl your way back inside and lock the door!

Leaving sarcasm has bad consequences

Leaving sarcasm has bad consequences

I cannot stop laughing....on second thought, hairy view is kina gross. TRIM THAT SHIT UP, PEOPLE!

iep meeting funny - Google Search

Evil cows memes | quickmeme

I am more attracted to a bigger guy so really don't understand why a skinny guys would even try to look even skinnier! Ewww! I like big arms around me and big chest to lay on!!