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Love this picture!

We love spending time with the grandkids!

Another member of the Romney clan at just one hour old!

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Our Josh and Jen’s new baby boy. #22 what a blessing!

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Mitt and the grandkids

  • Patti Noble Aparicio

    Beautiful picture of a grandfather and his grandkids.... That's all I see

  • Sharon Jenkins

    Sue I think your wrong because I see people coming together so much praying together, no matter what religion. Working their head off for the same goal. We love this country. An as for abortion, there is a doctor in Chicago who could opp out of preforming abortions and now they are telling her she can't so she is sueing. Also I know two Pharmacist who are a young married couple who have had to leave their profession because they do not want to fill a RX for the morning after pill. Isn't it good to know this? I feel people are turing to pinterest because Media won't let people know this.

  • Sue Lenart

    Again, I respect other people's views, but using Pinterest as a 'snipe and run' forum to air political views is not appropriate, which was the focus of what I was saying. As an avenue for posting what someone is interested in, using this woman's OWN family Pinterest page to forward an individual's views is self-serving. Instead of having people pull together actually drives them apart. I suggest creating separate political view Pinterest boards for something like this, and not muddy other people's boards with narrowly focused comments.

  • Victoria Martines

    Merry Christmas , to you and your beautiful family ! May God fulfill your wishes ! Victoria , Romania.

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All of my boys (and a few extras!) after Conan!

  • Jeanette Johnson

    I saw them on Conan. They represented themselves very well. You should be proud!

  • Lorna Boot

    Please make sure it's on YouTube, I'd love to see it. Looks like first family material to me!

  • Lynnette Hardy

    Take the phrase First Family and turn it around -- Family First. It's so clear that Family is what the Romney's embrace above anything. It's a value that was embraced by George Romney and then by his son. Mitt and Ann Romney instilled the importance of family in their sons, who are now teaching it to their own children. I watch them, and I can see this is no sideshow gimmick to gain points in the polls. This is a true American family, and if people would take off the $$ goggles, they'd see here is a family, absolutely no different than any of ours. Anyway, that's why I know they will make a great First Family -- because to them, Family comes First.

  • Marie Marchant

    You couldn't be more right! Wouldn't it be great to have someone in the white house who supports families? This nation needs all families to stand up for family values! Good families are the glue that will keep this nation together!

  • Kendra Sparks

    I am inspired by you

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This is one of our precious grandsons with “Papa” at an event in CA

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Mitt and I had a lot of fun dyeing Easter eggs with the grandkids this weekend.

  • Leah Jarrett

    You're an amazing woman, and a great inspiration to all women!!! Thanks for be a beacon of light and for standing for what's right for families everywhere!!! :D

  • Kimberly Bump

    Thank You for your dignified response to the left wing critics. You are a class act!

  • Marbeth Hill

    A very classy family :)

  • Verla Swords

    Thank you for being such a good inspiration to all women. You will be a great First Lady

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  • Cheryl Ruschenberg

    The Romney's come from an inspirational and giving family. I know this because I personally know two men from their family one who shares the same Great Grandfather and the other is the father of the first man I know. For anyone who wants to attack the Romney's for their giving by calling it a tactic to get votes, really do not know where they come from. Craig and Jack Livingston are inspirations to me and my children and if their cousin Mitt Romney is anything like them (and I can see that he is) he has my vote!

  • Lisa Learner

    Ann is a total CLASS ACT. I admire her.

  • Kari J

    You are beautiful - inside & out.

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Easter egg roll with the grandkids!

  • Lynnette Hardy

    What I love best about Mitt and Ann -- they're just regular folks. Sure, financially they've done very well. But you wouldn't know it to look at them. Ann was right. True wealth isn't how much you've got in the bank, it's how much love you have in your life. And it's clear that in this, the Romneys are multi-billionaires.

  • Marbeth Hill

    It is great to see a family man doing the right things for his family and our Country :)

  • Robin RL

    When you're at home in Our Nations White House we look forward to many family football games Just watch out for the rose bushes ! Our prayers are with all of yours & America !!!!!!

  • Freddie Ann Burnett

    What a blessing to have so much fun with the family! :)

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Great to spend some time with the grandkids this week – looking forward to Easter weekend with the family.

  • Kathy Robertson

    Ann, thanks for showing the importance of making FAMILY a priority. This country needs to understand the importance of the family!

  • Sarah Affleck

    Enjoy your vacation! Can't wait to see your husband sworn in as the POTUS! You will be a wonderful First Lady, too. :)

  • Jessica Shelley-Bunderson

    We hope they enjoy a "clean" treat from our family! Thanks for all you guys do :)

  • Shelly Erickson

    Sounds like the rough stuff is starting up about our faith! Hang in there you have allot of support out here!!!!!

  • Joanna Hoffmann

    LOVE THIS! Reminds me of my eldest grandson.

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Our family picture from last summer, when we were all together in New Hampshire.

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I love this one of Mitt with Parker and Miles.

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Me and Mitt with Tagg, Jen and their boys.

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I love this picture of Mitt and Miles from the Halloween 2011 snowstorm.

  • Julie

    What a great picture!

  • Elisabeth Smith

    that is sooooo much fun , good to see he takes time for that

  • Erin

    the pure joy on both of their faces... such a great picture.

  • Renee Daigle

    Wonderful photo!... The public should see more of this side of Mitt... My family and I stand behind you in your campaign, and will be praying for Mitt to win handily.

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Mitt reading to Johnny, our grandson.

  • Heidi Harlequin

    What an amazing father and grandfather! Such an inspiration!

  • Erin

    absolutely precious.. your grandson is a doll!

  • Joanna Hoffmann

    Our grandbabies love story time as well. Awesome bonding time.

  • Dorothy Hill

    Wonderful photo & precious memory!

  • Freddie Ann Burnett

    I think reading to our grandchildren is even more fun than reading to our children when they were little! It just gets better as time goes by! I love it! I thought it was great then but WOW...what a blessing now!

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