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An example of a fun way to invite your volunteers to the volunteer meeting!

International scene setter with tubs filled with items to use for disguises

Easy decorations -- fingerprint and shoeprint

Classified Crafts room decoration -- mustache face; city scene setter, fun tablecloth

Entrance to the Classified Crafts area

Another welcome display idea

High-tech decorating (find these types of things cheap at garage sales)

Strings of international flags do a great job decorating the ceilings

Hanging paper globes and a mustache-face poster -- easy decorating ideas!

The kids at our test church LOVED these hand-held mustaches -- patterns for making the mustaches will be on your Director CD-ROM!

Welcome display

Travel poster column -- we'll be providing some travel posters in a decorating pack (not pictured)!

Welcome display

Collection boxes for missions money!

Entry to the Assembly Area at ISA

Entry to the Assembly area at ISA

Hallways at International Spy Academy -- lots of flags from all different countries

Welcome area

International spy!

Think international!