Set design! #vbs

Kingdom Chronicles Set Design for a larger church

  • Emily Allen

    Where did this set design come from? Was it something the church had made or was it ordered as part of the VBS curriculum?

  • Answers VBS

    Hi Emily -- this set was constructed by one of our test churches. Directions for making a set similar to this are in the Assembly Guide. ~Stacia

At one of our smaller test churches

Drama characters at another test church

Set at a smaller test church

Drama characters

  • Robin Pate

    Hmm, better find someone to make costumes.

  • Karla Jones

    What awesome costumes!! Good Job! Are you willing to share?? :)

  • Stephanie Williams

    What characters does the skit call for? We have limited male teachers...

  • Thomas Schnoor

    There's 4 male characters and 3 female, and then 3 small bit parts which have 3 lines or less)

Drama character on set

Drama character on set

Drama characters on the set

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