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White eggplant

Divide rhubarb in December for a roaring comeback in spring

Divide rhubarb in December for a roaring comeback in spring

Langsat, a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia

tabacoumba, african fruit - want to taste this

Scarlet Eggplant

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El #Tomate #Raff alcanza su máximo esplendor en invierno y principios de la primavera. Se trata de una variedad muy apreciada por su sabor y por su jugosa pulpa, que combina acidez con un punto dulce muy particular. En la Sénia los seleccionamos a diario en el Mercat Central. #tomato #pomodoro #tomata!

Tomato 'Alicante', our tomatoes are famous, try the Raff type, out of Mutxamel, Alicante.

The Vegetable Seed Store Tomato Varieties

Caju, Anacardo, Cashew - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dragon Fruit Flower-Pitaya

Dragon Fruit Flower-Pitaya

As a child in Puerto Rico having fresh Pomegranates was a typical treat .. Was so much fun to eat a Granada Fruit! Yummo

Akebi - This brilliantly purple fruit thrives in northern Japan, in the Tohoku area, but only briefly, making an appearance for about two weeks in early autumn. It grows on a wild vine and, for many Japanese people, is a symbol of the changing seasons. When the fruit is ripe and ready to eat, it pops open on one end. The gooey pulp inside is slightly sweet, while the rind is slightly bitter and is usually used as a vegetable. Do as locals do, and slurp up the flesh along with the seeds.

15 Of The World's Strangest Exotic Fruits

Achacha - The fruit grows to around six centimetres in length and has a bright glossy orange surface around the white pulp. The taste is described as both bitter and sweet.

Guava is an exotic fruit packed with vitamin C which boosts collagen production to smooth skin. Two cups of guava per week is the perfect dose for anti-aging.

Exotic Fruit

Posters - Exotic Tropical Fruit Poster

These are kiwi berries taste amazing ...i love exotic fruits

Exotic fruits and benefits

A World of Exotic Fruits

watermelon radishes...