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Wonders of Mother Nature

The St. Joseph, Mich., outer light covered with a thick coating of ice on Jan. 26, 2013. (Tom Gill)

Cloud spiral in the sky. An Iridescent (Rainbow) Cloud in Himalaya. The phenomenon was observed early am 18 Oct 2009

When Mount Etna erupted on April 11, 2023, it created amazing smoke rings. Volcanic smoke rings are rare, but well-documented.

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    Ahhh time traveler! The doctor will be very cross with you for leting this slip onto the internet.

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    LOL!! That original comment came with the repin...I dont get the chance to change details when pinning from my phone

Artist’s impression of the deep blue planet HD 189733b | ESA/Hubble: This illustration shows HD 189733b, a huge gas giant that orbits very close to its host star HD 189733. Astronomers have been able to deduce that HD 189733b is a deep, azure blue — reminiscent of Earth's color as seen from space. However, the planet's atmosphere is scorching with a temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius, and it rains glass, sideways, in howling 7000 km/hr winds. #Illustraton #Astronomy #HD189733b

Asperatus Clouds Over New Zealand by Witta Priester, apod.nasa: Although their cause is presently unknown, such unusual atmospheric structures, do not appear to be harbingers of meteorological doom. Known as Undulatus asperatus clouds, they can be stunning in appearance, unusual in occurrence, are relatively unstudied, and may even be a new type of cloud. Thanks to wittap for allowing us to share her amazing image! #Clouds #Undulatus_asperatus