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Term Sheet

A hand-crafted collection of startup resources for entrepreneurs and investors ready to roll up their sleeves and dig into the gory details of Section 83(b) elections, super-pro rata preemptive rights, pay-to-play provisions and more! Intended for n00bs to hard-core securities law geeks and everyone in between. Venture forth, young entrepreneur!

The Hottest Startup Sectors - Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint VC

The Hottest Startup Sectors

The State of Angel Investment [Infographic] - AlleyWatch

The State of Angel Investment [Infographic]

Steve Blank: Why Continuous Deployment May Mean Continuous Customer Disappointment


Venture-backed startup exits tracked by CB Insights: Seven years from first financing to IPO on average.

The Current State of Startups from Naval Ravikant: "Notes from the video you should have watched" via DataFox

Per Steve Blank, this competitive view for launching products into crowded markets is a mismatch for startups or companies creating new markets.

How Funding Works – Splitting The Equity Pie With Investors by Anna Vital, Funders & Founders

Q1 VC spending & number of deals down, M activity drops 44% & pre-money valuations plummet - via @launchticker

Relating to earlier #Launch2013 convo: The Equity #Crowdfunding Process Explained [Infographic]

The Equity Crowdfunding Process, Explained [Infographic]

KPMG survey: Expansion stage will be most promising VC opportunity in 2013

The Experience vs. Education Curve in Startups, by Tim Berry. Click through for discussion.

Customer Development in a Diagram - by @agentfin at Steve Blank's blog

75 Startup Tools And Apps - ideasspotter

Forget Presidential Politics: Here's How We Create Jobs — And How You Can Help