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Children: Developmental Activities

OT activities for children from the American Occupational Therapy Association. Pins and repins do not imply endorsement.

The Secret To Perfect Parenting

The Secret To Perfect Parenting

Love these! The best pool toys for motor development from @The Inspired Treehouse


A Case for Free Play in Summer: Children who engage in more free play have more highly developed self-directed executive function.

Why Free Play Is the Best Summer School

Activities and ideas from OTs to go with the four best things about summer (from a kid’s point of view!)—playing outside, no school, getting wet, and going on vacation!

Taking kids with autism out to a ball game. Parents of children on the autism spectrum often skip social situations out of fear. Dr. Wendy Ross wants her young patients with autism to have those experiences.

Taking autistic kids out to a ball game

Older kids or teens can help plan a day trip or staycation, which is a great and practical way to work on those executive function skills this summer! OT Cafe: Sunday Drive App Review.

OT Cafe: App of the Week | Sunday Drive

A rationale for why we should limit screentime for our children!

How to Waste Brain-Boosting Opportunities

How to promote school readiness all summer long! 10 functional skills used every day in the school environment with some playful summer activities that will give the opportunity for practice and development of these skills.


Quick Tip: Teaching Kids How to Open Food Packages. "Milk cartons, yogurt cups, snack bags, bananas…all of them take some serious fine motor skills, motor planning, and strength to open! How many of you are still opening packages for your children?"

The Inspired Treehouse

Simple Steps To Help Your Child Tolerate Touch: OT Thrive Blog

Simple Steps To Help Your Child Tolerate Touch

30+ Homemade & Recycled Activity Ideas: OT bloggers share therapy activities using household items. (Thanks to @Christie {MamaOT} for permission to use photos).

Does your child put everything in their mouth? Try these 34 Edible Sensory Play Ideas for Kids.

34 Edible Sensory Play Ideas for Kids - hands on : as we grow

Your Kid's Table: Learn how gardening with kids can improve your kid's eating, especially the elusive picky eater!

Gardening with Kids: Improve Your Kid's Eating!

Put away that credit card! Mama OT has 25 occupational therapist-approved fine motor activities for toddlers and preschoolers that use items from around the house. Great for parents and teachers on a budget!

25 Fine Motor Activities Using Household Items

Play with Scooping Ice Cream for Skill Development

Play with Scooping Ice Cream for Skill Development

Tons of ideas, strategies, and tips to overcome picky eating all written by a mom and OT that specializes in feeding kids!

Overcoming Picky Eating: {30+ Strategies, Tips, and Ideas}

Easter Egg Discovery/Sensory bottles - a wet & dry version. Great movement and exploration for tots

House of Burke: Easter Egg Sensory Bottles

Fine motor-sensory strategy for decreasing pencil/crayon pressure and promoting correct grasp pattern--- Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around cardboard and use a golf tee (or even pen cap). Try games (ex. Tic-tac-toe), practicing the alphabet, or free drawing. If the child uses too much pressure the foil will tear. They will need to "retrain" their hands to use less pressure.

Stacking Cups - body awareness, coordination, sensory regulation, strengthening, visual motor

Stacking Cups | Starfish Therapies

8 Great Handwriting Apps for OTs

8 Great Handwriting Apps for OTs | CMS Direct Hire

Communication boards to go along with your Ipad games

Chapel Hill Snippets: ClickySticky SuperHeroes--Kids make choices