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Children: Developmental Activities

OT activities for children from the American Occupational Therapy Association. Pins and repins do not imply endorsement.

Practice Scissor Skills with this: "As kids cut, they automatically line their scissors up with one of the corrugated lines and their scissors fit right into the groove – aligning them perfectly to cut straight forward." -@The Inspired Treehouse

How to answer the "is my child reaching developmental milestones" question. New resources to share with parents.

Backpack safety: Injury Statistics. Find more info at Today is National School Backpack Awareness Day! #backpacksafety

Infographic on Injury Statistics - AOTA

10 Awesome Scooter Activities for Kids. Pediatric OT shares activities and the skills involved.


Books about worrying for kids. Books can help kids understand their feelings. A list of picture books about worrying: Heard about this through @Abby

Picture Books About Worrying - No Time For Flash Cards

12 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Back-to-School Fears & Anxiety - Tips from an OT

Six ways bullying affects occupational performance for children & youth.

Twitter / AOTAInc: Six ways bullying affects ...

A fidget toy is an object that can be provided to a child to regulate his need for movement and touch. This enhances his ability to remain calm, focused, and attentive. More at @The Inspired Treehouse


Tummy Time - Advice from a pediatric neurodevelopmental OT. @Tools to Grow, Inc.

Tummy Time | Blog | Tools To Grow, Inc.

Tummy Time for All Ages from @YourTherapySource (Adults - that means you too!).

Tummy Time Isn’t Just for Babies | Blog

The Recycling Occupational Therapist: Tummy Time Blog Hop and Baby's First Year

Terrific tummy time positions from @Your Kids OT.

Terrific Tummy Time Positions!

Five handy tips to help young left-handed writers.

Looking out for Lefties - Home Literacy Blueprint

b and d reversal game!! So super easy to play -- all you need is chalk! Using chalk, make b & d's in various sizes and colors. Call out a "b" or "d" and child has to run and stand on that letter. OR -- play Twister style, calling out a letter and a hand/foot (example, left hand b, right foot d). Works on so many skills and utilizes whole body learning! Can use other letters (ex/ p/q) and number combinations too! www.toolstogrowot...

The Secret To Perfect Parenting

The Secret To Perfect Parenting

A Case for Free Play in Summer: Children who engage in more free play have more highly developed self-directed executive function.

Why Free Play Is the Best Summer School

Activities and ideas from OTs to go with the four best things about summer (from a kid’s point of view!)—playing outside, no school, getting wet, and going on vacation!

Taking kids with autism out to a ball game. Parents of children on the autism spectrum often skip social situations out of fear. Dr. Wendy Ross wants her young patients with autism to have those experiences.

Taking autistic kids out to a ball game

Older kids or teens can help plan a day trip or staycation, which is a great and practical way to work on those executive function skills this summer! OT Cafe: Sunday Drive App Review.

OT Cafe: App of the Week | Sunday Drive