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ONE reason to look forward to the colder weather are these fabulous ICE ORNAMENTS. We love how they brighten up a dark and dreary road and can't wait for the weather to get cold enough to make some! They are a great opportunity to talk to kids about Seasons, Nature and of course Science - what IS happening to the water? Watch it freeze and watch it defrost again as the days get water. Why is it happening? You don't need all the answers, just observing is fun too!

Holiday Pen Pals Around the World!!!! Students do 12 different close readings of pen pals from around the world gaining research about holidays from each country. They follow that up with a Postcard Ornament (displaying that countries flag), Response Summarizing Letters, Text Dependent Questions, and finally a special Making Connections poster. Students will have PLENTY activities for the entire month of December!!!!!!!

FREE Team Thanksgiving Cards - a fun way for students to show appreciation for the members of their team. In this activity, students in teams of four will create greeting cards as a way of sharing positive messages. Each person creates one card and passes it around the team. As the cards are passed, students write compliments and supportive words inside each other’s cards.

Teachers! The stress of searching for a Halloween costume is done! Click on this image to follow this Pinterest board! It's an entire pin board of Creative Halloween Costumes for TEACHERS!!! Over 100 ideas already pinned!