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Heart number matching game. I made this with foam hearts from Walmart and added stickers. No laminating required.

  • Jane Hermanas

    We did this for a valentine's day party for kdg - the children loved it!

Tie Dye Hearts (coffee filter & Bingo markers). When I did this with the kids I had to add a little bit of water for the colors to run. I have also done this with markers.

play dough in cup, with spaghetti or pipe cleaner stuck, cereal with hole, beads, buttons for threading

I love this circle game/bean bag acitivty! It teaches following directions with fun songs. I use beanie babies and the kids just LOVE IT!!

Let's have a Tea-Party! I have never seen preschools work together as much as this lately. Trace your Tea Set and place inside protective sheets. They will sort by color, shape, and have a social Tea Party! (This has been played with everyday for a week.)

Flubber! Add equal parts of each ingredient with food coloring. Have Fun!

Fruit Loop Sorting and counting: Write the numbers on the inner circle of the plate. I made 8 pie sections.

Drive cars on the letter C.

Brown Bear Brown Bear. At the beginning of the school year the kids picked their favorite colors, we talked about their name and we took a photo of them holding a card with their height on it.

One Duck Stuck in the Muck story turned into an art project with brown finger paint, paper grass and a white duck.

Kids create their own jack-o-lantern creation and do great!

I taught shapes with this activity during the letter H week for Helicopter.

Halloween straws in search of spiders that are hiding all over the room. Who can fill their straw up first?

Clean Mud Sensory Activity - Re-pinned by #PediaStaff. Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Glue paint ...add food coloring to school glue. - Re-pinned by #PediaStaff. Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

balloon ping pong - great idea for rainy days

My new favorite author!

Slime recipe. A necessary recipe for all moms. Especially moms of boys.

Great manipulative for teaching numbers, one to one correspondence as well as motor skills!

  • Annette Bloomfield

    My two year olds struggled with clipping clothespins but they all seeemd to enjoy the activity.

Girls hair bands, (they came in bulk at Walmart), shower rings and clothespins make for a great manipulative to show HOW MUCH is a #. I can't wait to see the kids play with these!