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Custom Sporting KC Vans (via Fancyfeetart on Tumblr)

DIY Jar Painting

DIY Jar Painting

Make a pair of pajama pants that fits you perfectly with this tutorial from Melly Sews

Project: Sew Pajama Pants - Melly Sews

Sports Team Mascot Painted Toms by SweetHeartShoes on Etsy

chevron-Sports Team Mascot Painted Toms by SweetHeartShoes on Etsy, $95.00

DIY Chalk Paint! A tip if you try this recipe out for yourself: Don’t try and overwork the paint. Just lay it down and let it set. If you try to brush it on and keep brushing over, it will just lift up, and you’ll get ticked off. This beachy blue gray color (a mis-tint I picked up from the hardware store) took 2 coats to cover, each coat taking about 30 minutes to put down. Quick and easy!!

Furniture Flip: DIY Chalk Paint Dresser - SNAP!

Mizzou Toms - time to get the gold glitter paint out!

10 1-Hour Knitting Projects

10 1-Hour Knitting Projects

An old tire is cut, turned inside out, and painted to make this awesome planter for flowers

Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups: Tire Planter

Custom hand-painted Vans-style American flag shoes for a friend

DIY American flag shoes! I used foam stickers for the stars and masking tape to make the stripes! Regular acrylic paint works best!

Hand painted american flag shoes