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scrimshaw images and information

Lucille Ball scrimshaw on mammoth ivory by Jason R. Webb. Amazingly subtle shading!

Lucille Ball Scrimshaw by Jason Webb -

Scrimshaw on Casein Sun Motif by scrimshaw on Etsy, $29.95

Finished the scrimshaw buffalo on paper micarta! Was on a "slab", cut it out after the fact - not a habit I'd care to get into, rather cut the cab first, then do the scrimshaw (horse, then cart; socks, then shoes...)

Quiet Sunday Morning Updates |

Hansel and Gretel Cottage scrimshaw by Katherine Plumer, one of my favorite artists.

Scrimshaw of Fox in Snow in progress on alternative ivory. Photo credit: Rob Lee on

Ivory Alternative 2: "Alternative Ivory" |

Picachu Scrimshaw on Acrylic - An Ancient Art on Eco-Friendly Materials

Scrimshaw Kit - take two century-steps back, breathe in the salt air and learn the quiet art of scrimshaw, even if you can't draw! No pachyderms or cetacea (elephant or whale) ivory, just modern ivory alternatives.

Fascinating and novel scrimshaw - alt ivory whorl support spindle (part of a spinning wheel)

Jason R. Webb Mammoth Ivory Scrimshaw Ship - up for sale! -- Jason's first mammoth ivory scrimshaw ship is available at almost a 50% discount!

Mystery Artist Skip Powell Scrimshaw of a hunting scene

Incredible scrimshaw by hobbyist Rod Lacey, a scrimshaw artist from Australia.

Detail of the scrimshaw heart by Jason R. Webb

Mystery Artist #15 - Artist's signature is "KNIGHT" in block letters.

Scrimshaw heart by Jason R. Webb. Incredible detail on an ivory pendant.

Jason R. Webb - Scrimshaw Heart |

Mystery Artist #14 - a falcon on a pistol grip

Valentine Scrimshaw - Scrimshaw Heart by Jason R. Webb

  • Andrew Perkins

    This is the penciled in drawing before Jason committed the design to the ivory.

Learn how to scrimshaw. Use a piece of plastic, bone, antler, even a light switch plate!

How To Scrimshaw -

Viking Warrior in horned helmet by Belle Ochs

Artist Belle Ochs |

Scrimshaw of the train Lahaina Kaanapali. At least 35 years old by artist with the initials LS. Anyone know the artist or its origins?

Halloween Scrimshaw by Jason R. Webb. Scrimshaw skull on an ancient mammoth ivory heart expertly scrimmed by Jason. Two sided!

Halloween Scrimshaw II |

Michael Cohen is one of the original Bellingham artists and continues to scrimshaw to this day. His jewelry is extremely reasonable for the detail and beauty of the pieces. - An Ancient Art on Eco-Friendly Materials