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scrimshaw images and information

90 Pins


  • 90 Pins

Double Sided Scrimshaw Whale Tooth : Lot 132-8015 #scrimshaw #whale #nautical


Viking Dragon Keychain with Room for Initial. Created on pyralin and stainless steel.

Scrimshaw Kit Knife: Rough Rider Elephant Toe nail by scrimshaw. Great gift for the creative handy-person in your life!

Tie Clip Blanks Casein and Silver Plated Tie Clip by scrimshaw. Polished and ready to scrim! Held on for shipping with a dollop of poster putty for easy removal. You can adhere it with E6000 or other glue when done.

pocket knife

Scrimshaw ship based on the CC Pic of a tall ship by Joanna Penn, thriller author and public speaker. Created on an alternative ivory piano key with two 12" black satin tails.

Piano Key Bookmarks - 2 for a $fiverr!

send you two Piano Key Bookmarks - fiverr

Celtic Knot Bookmark Triquetra on Alt. Ivory Piano by Andrew Perkins

Six Piano Key Head Bookmarks Assorted Colored Ribbons by Andrew Perkins. Great as is or using a light touch for custom scrimshaw initials or a favorite image. - An Ancient Art on Eco-Friendly Materials - An Ancient Art on Eco-Friendly Materials

Scrimshaw Viking Ship Necklace on 18 faux leather by Andrew Perkins, On Etsy.

Scrimshaw Viking Ship from 2014-10-22 on casein. In progress, just needs some finishing touches and a coat of archival wax.

HMS Surprise

the schooner

New England — Tall ship love

Thomas Tuttell scrimshaw sundial, early 19th century. Ivory and brass, 14 × 8 cm (5.5 × 3.1")

compasses and sundials -

natural beauty — nends: compasses and sundials...

Scrimshaw on an old ivory piano key. Scrim by Paulie.

Scrimshaw Ship in Full Sail 2014-10-17

Another shot of the skull scrimshaw piano key bookmark

Scrimshaw Skull Bookmark -

Piano Key Bookmark with Scrimshaw Stippled Skull by Andrew Perkins

Alternative Ivory Piano Key Bookmarks Ready to Scrim

Thomas Tuttell scrimshaw sundial, early 19th century. Ivory and brass, 14 × 8 cm (5.5 × 3.1")