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Great way to "neaten" up an entryway. Now it's designer messy, right?

1 hula hoop (spray painted) + 2 strings of icicle lights and a black electrical tape .. I'm definitely doing this!

DIY Bookshelf made from crates you can get at Joann's. This is a bit goofy colored but imagine it in different tints of a color? or distressed?

spray painted bottle caps arranged on a dry tray and sealed with "acrylic water". 2 part epoxy is sold at HL & Michael's, but it is cheapest at Walmart, in Floral Dept. Follow the directions, mix the compounds and pour it on. It's self-leveling, which is great! The tough part is waiting 48 hours, because it cannot be disturbed at all! The acrylic hardens without incident & is ready for use!

Gorgeous bed, especially for living in a city!

Love this as a concept. Imagine stacking them up from the floor, almost like a little sideboard.

Oh! This I do want to do... perhaps above a bed or chair? I'd also love to see it with different paper textures: thick rag, etc.

One day, I'm definitely doing this to my stairs!