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Victoria Beckham's grown out pixie into a layered shag! I hear she didn't cut her hair once while she was growing out her short 'do. No idea how she could possibly stand it... I can't go more than 6 weeks!

Hair Growth Chart - 5 tips to understanding how hair grows and what you can do to aid in having healthy hair.

victoria beckham blonde short hair

Victoria Beckham inspired hair

Take a diagonal section from the back of the head to approx. 1 inch before the hairline; Using Aqua Boost, Naturlite (White), and 20 volume cream, create a Naturlite bath and shampoo into pre-parted section; Process for 15 minutes or until the hair has been lifted to a level 7/Orange; Rinse section until water runs clear, Spray Revamp to entire section and comb through; Using 7mh, XBV, and 20 volume cream, Apply color from roots to ends to entire section; Using 1n, Blue Concentrate, and 20 vo...